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Natural Remedies For Anxiety

Anxiety Disorders are generally affecting most people in US, about 1 out of 5 persons are affecting by this mental health according to the Nami.org

A person who affected this mental health have some characteristic like always worrying about everyday things even a simple thing can be a big burden to the people who affected.

There’s many medication which used to manage anxiety, but there’s a plenty natural way to manage it by yourself, you can used this natural remedies for anxiety alongside with consumed medication.  
Anytime you have a feeling you are to sense about everything, you can trying these naturopathic medicine for anxiety.

Anxiety Disorders

1.       Laugh it off.
If you already have a good sense of humor you can do this easily, based on Karen Lynn Cassiday, PhD, says “even a simple fake laugh can make your brain produce dopamine to calm you down”. You can used technology to help you laugh so even in very anxious state you still can atleast smile or laugh, you can install a laugh or humor story app for example.

mirthful laugh
Mirthful laugh

There’s a research at Loma Linda University which founded that a mirthful laugh can reduces your cortisol hormone, this hormone increases when you are in anxious state.

2.       Schedule relaxation. 
Take a look at your work schedule and make sure you create a time for relaxing around your busy time for about 20 – 30 minute, you can used that time to walk, meditation, take a look at garden or anything to make you relaxing. According some researchers by adding time to relaxation can lowering heart rate and relaxation maybe can be your naturopathic medicine for your anxiety.

3. Take GABA. 
GABA are short name for Gamma-Aminobutyic Acid is an amino acid which can calming neurotransmitter in the brain, actually human bodies are able to produce our own GABA from glutamine.
GABA is one way to natural calming and help our bodies make endorphins, the enzyme that make us feel happy.
Please consult to your doctor first before you starting consume GABA even if GABA can interact with medications.

4. Try lavender. 
Lavender essentials oil can make people calmed down, the odod are naturally very relaxing, in some study shows that those who inhaled lavender before medical procedure are more calmer than those who did not inhaled lavender. 


5. Ground yourself. 
A marriage and family therapist John Tsilimparis, MFT says when you feel anxiety hits, do something tangible, like holding a newspaper, holding your smartphone and read one or two sms, or even you can holding an ice cube.
This simple tips working very well because the brain can't be in two place at same time, the distraction made brain shifting from a catastrophic mind into anything you hold tied at that time. 

That's is few Natural Remedies For Anxiety tips, if you got any question or comment please write it down

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