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Home Remedy for Dandruff and Itchy Scalp

Everyone must already know even for those who do not affected by dandruff itself, through commercial in TV that shows a situation someone meet an acquaintance in dark clothes in society. There’s laying some white dusk on the shoulders and on the upper back that we all call dandruff, it’s very clearly see on the dark because the contrast between fabric and light made it very visible. One finds it disgusting. But no one says anything. You are not talking about scales which are a taboo subject. Who suffers from dandruff, is regrettable. That person needs to see a doctor.

A scientific study of the Munich-based opinion Research Institute EMNID showed: 67.3 percent of those polled feel dandruff as distasteful and repugnant. 60 percent people with strong dandruff kept it for unkempt. And 96.5 percent are of the opinion that one should immediately undertake something against dandruff.
Even if people can believe it: it's important that there's dandruff. They are the result of a process which runs numerous times in the human organism. Our skin renews itself constantly. In doing so, old cells are transported upwards and spread on the surface. It takes about 28 days for its cycled. It's called exfoliation. Normally no one noticed about the cell operation, because the cells are so tiny, that they are seen only under a microscope.

Too much fast food
When dandruff got visible, it means something goes wrong. The exfoliation process is extremely accelerated. Thus, the horny layer cells are not mature, so it has a kind of glue, so many cells stick together. Thus emerge the ugly, large shed.
A false excessive hair care is by frequently washing the hair with aggressive anti-dandruff shampoos can irritates the skin so they feel itch and dandruff begins. But the lifestyles can also be blame for dandruff. Prolonged work, too many parties, not enough sleep and many eat the fast food can cause dandruff.
Basically, the rule applies: when there is plenty of dandruff in your hair, you should consult to a skin doctor. Especially when you see red spots, or when there’s any pustules between the hairs form.

Home Remedies for Dandruff
Apart from a targeted treatment, you should set some measures in your life:

  1. Provide for enough sleep.
  2. Pay attention to balanced, varied diet with plenty of vitamins, minerals and some element. Especially with zinc which you can find it in oatmeal, sea fish, oysters, whole grains, and chicken, especially breast meat.
  3. If stress and fears rule your life, you have to think what you can change to reduce the stress.
  4. Use your spare time to the total relaxation. Lie down in the bathtub or find other ways to switch off: Yoga, meditation, autogenously training.
  5. Especially carefully, deal with your hair. Keep clean all your combs and brushes. Hats, caps, bandanas, headbands and jewelry Combs, clean it regularly.
  6. Before you wash your hair, you need to first thoroughly rinse them with water - so good it is - remove the scales.
  7. The water temperature during hair washing may be hot, but only lukewarm. Hot water can help to removes the skin fat.
  8. Also it is not very recommended to use blow-drying too close to the head. Heat air from hair dryer can stimulates the scalp. It is better to air dry in the Sun.
  9. After hair washing, you should rinse well and long with water. Remaining stock of shampoos can stimulate formation of dandruff.
  10. It is particularly dangerous to wash the hair with conventional SOAP. SOAP scum, which have left behind can irritate the scalp and promote the formation of dandruff.

Combs and brushes: use no metal and no sharp bristles.
Researchers and doctors focus on the power of certain medicinal herbs in recent years in the fight against the scourge of scales in the first place. There are two "soft" cures natural herbal based on developed:

Anti-dandruff cure No. 1
Dry dandruff without redness of the scalp can be cure with the Coltsfoot lotion, as well as a Coltsfoot Shampoo (pharmacy). Both contain essential oils of the burdock root and lemon balm in addition to the stimulus softening and anti-inflammatory Coltsfoot. The burdock root stimulus inhibiting effect, the lemon balm soothes the scalp.
Important in the application: not too much of the shampoo should be used, at most a portion the size of a walnut, for short hair please reduce the quantity of a hazelnut. When rinsing, you should apply twice as much time as you have massaged the shampoo. Especially when treating dandruff, you must ensure that no shampoo residue left on your hair.

Anti-dandruff treatment no. 2
In greasy, coarse, highly adherent scales with redness and itchiness, a willow tar Shampoo (pharmacy) acts first and foremost. The Willow creosote is combined with thyme oil, sulfur and salicylic acid. The shampoo gently replaces the dandruff of the scalp; it has an antiseptic effect and stops the over-production of sebum glands.
After 6 times hair washing with the Coltsfoot shampoo and intense massaging of the shampoo, the scales amount will reduce by two-thirds within two weeks. At the harder-to-treat greasy scales, there are also clearly visible achievements after 3 weeks treatment with willow tar shampoo. In some case, the scales are often eliminated, if in addition a Coltsfoot lotion was used for the Willow tar shampoo for hair care.

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