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Senin, 29 Juni 2015

Apple Cider Vinegar for a Sinus Infection Secrets

Apple Cider Vinegar has been long known as curing a sinus infection, even before it has known as daily tonic or a cure at the first symptom of an allergy or cold (sinus headache, stuffy nose, watery eyes), people that day will drink Apple Cider Vinegar.
What is a Sinus Infection?
A sinus infection usually came alongside with common cold, but there’s more like additional inflammation and swelling of the sinus. As that not worsen, the sinus become blocked with fluid and bacterial starting to grow in it and resulting another extra congestion and welcome sinus pain.
Sinus infection symptoms showed by thick yellow nasal discharge, headache, feeling pressure around the face and eyes, congestion, post-nasal drip and a fever or cough.

Apple cider vinegar – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 Secret behind apple cider vinegar as a home remedies for sinus infections:
It contain plenty of nutrients, vitamins (B1, B2, A and E), calcium and magnesium. These can very helpful to clear the sinus cavities and treat allergy symptoms. After several times drinking it the mucus will be thinning, the color of that mucus will change become clearer mean that the infection is greatly reduce.
How to used Apple Cider Vinegar?
To consume it, there are 2 most popular on how to use Apple Cider Vinegar as a home remedies for sinus infection:
Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic for Sinus Infections
These natural remedies can be used as a tonic to treat a sinus infection.
  • To create a tonic for daily drinking, just mix 1/8 to 1/4 apple cider vinegar with 16 ounces drink water, mix it well and drink that tonic all day to maximize the effect.
Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse for Sinus Infections
  • Mix 1/2 - 1 tsp teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar with a cup of warm filtered water. Mix it well.
  • Take a small amount of the mixture and put it into your palm and snort it up with your right nostril, remember to not snort too fast and use your other hand to plug the free nostril. Repeat it on the other side.

Please always remember, the key for treating a sinus infection with apple cider vinegar is to use it at the early as possible so you can eradicate the condition quickly and prevent any further issue.

Kamis, 18 Juni 2015

How to Lost Weight Naturally at Home Remedy

Home remedies for weight loss / weight reduction

Many people pay very much for their looks, especially for weight loss. They plunge into diets program, swallow dietary pill, doing some hard and extra exercise, but after few weeks later you gain same weight as much as before, or even more in the short term.
In this method of simple weight loss for almost all concerned, you will learn how simple and inexpensive the diet program can be: with our good old home remedies for weight loss.

Weight Loss Simple Formula
 Image courtesy of [nixxphotography] at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

25 tips for losing weight

  1. Drink as much water as you can. Feeling hunger which came as a result from the metabolism will be satisfied.
  2. Replace animal fats (lard, butter, clarified butter) with vegetable fats (vegetable shortening, vegetable oils except for Palm oil).
  3. Replace meat of pork, cow and another high fat animal meat with poultry. (Chicken or Turkey without the skin)
  4. Chips, salted nuts, pretzel sticks etc. try not to eat it or replaced with vegetable slices, cucumber pieces, bell pepper strips with a low-fat dip.
  5. If possible don’t consume sweetened sodas, beer and iced tea.
  6. Stay away from alcohol
  7. No fried potatoes and fries.
  8. Exercises are necessarily - but in moderation only. Sports physicians have discovered that to burn fat the best at moderate effort. For example when doing an exercise your pulse rate are between 110 and 130 beats per minute.
  9. No violence cures, not too fast and too radical to start with. If you count your calories. Balance your consumption between 1 200 and 1 600 per day depending on the physical exertion.
  10. If you like you can eat sausage and cheese - but only in the low-fat level.
  11. Your bodies need fat to lose weight but the fat came from: cold-pressed olive oil, linseed oil, rapeseed oil.
  12. You solve the problem of the FAT if you consume some high acids fat nuts especially include valuable fat acids and especially chromium, which helps the fat loss.
  13. It’s recommended to eat five small fruit and vegetable meals a day. About 100 to 130 grams are a portion.
  14. Try to fill two-third the plate for lunch with vegetables or salad.
  15. Reduce the number of your meals; it should be at least three times a day. A meal is counterproductive. Reduce the amount of enjoyed food instead.
  16. Delete all white flour products and even for carbohydrates as possible.
  17. Eat cabbage as often as possible, cabbages have low calories, it has lot of vitamins and it contains plenty of fiber.
  18. Eating a broccoli dish twice a week: steaming, season and serve lukewarm with a marinade of olive oil and lemon juice.
  19. Brew a tea from ginger root and garlic. Spread over the day drink a liter. Just Cut fresh ginger into slices, Cook a half hour in two liters of water. Concludes half a head of garlic stir until it boil up.
  20. After an emotion, facing a trouble, after stress - relax at least an hour before you sit down to dinner. Otherwise, you will pass it into your food and you will eat too much.
  21. Very important: focus on the food at dinner. Try not to make a conversation on table at any excuse. Sometimes this can make you lose the feeling how much amount of food you already consumed.
  22. Drink a Cup of a hot ginger tea, which stimulates the digestion.
  23. Are you cravings for chocolate? And constantly increasing? You can smell a bottle of vanilla oil, or give oil to a handkerchief then you can sniff again and again. Greed about chocolate will disappear immediately.
  24. Night cravings are absolute fattening foods. Therefore smell orange oil before going to sleep, it will distribute the hunger pangs.
  25. Watercress is a good companion if you want to lose weight. She has hardly any calories only have element chromium. That can turn in controls the feeling of being full. Anyone eats a handful of watercress every day, can feeling less hungry and need less food.

Jumat, 12 Juni 2015

Home Remedies for Cold and Flu for Toddlers

Your child has a cold or flu and you would like to do something to make it up to him? Then try these safe, gentle and effective home remedies for cold and flu for toddlers

Honey (for children aged 12 months and over)

Honey can help to soothes the throat and relieves when your kids has the cough.
In a study of Pennsylvania State University's College of medicine involving the parents of more than a hundred children from age 2 to 18 has founded if using honey to treatment nocturnal cough is more useful and better acts as a cough syrup.

Honey is often hard at room temperature. Fill a few spoonful of honey into a container and heat it in the microwave or bring hot water in some pan and put glass contain honey inside that hot water for five or ten minutes in order to make it softer.

You can used this home remedies for cough for kids if your child age is already one to five years old and you can gave your kids only half a teaspoon of honey. If your kids already reach six until eleven years old, you can give a teaspoon dosage of honey.
Some parents will mix the honey with hot water and add a splash of lemon, which delivers a little vitamin C along with the soothing honey.
Because honey has a naturally sticky sweetness, it is very important to brush your teeth, especially before going to bed.

Mild salt solution
According to a report published in 2008, experts have studied 390 children aged from six to ten years and found out that a nasal spray, which is made from sea water, gave cold symptoms faster relief than the standard medications for colds. It is not sure whether the salt just helps to remove the mucus, or positively affect trace elements in water. But other scientists who have studied the effect of saline nasal irrigation, also found benefits as a home remedies for cold and flu for toddlers.

You need a nose pot that looks like a small watering can or a tea pot. It is usually made of ceramic or metal. Nose pot can be purchased in pharmacies, health food store or health food store, drug stores and also online at a mail order.
Your child must be willing to cooperate and to participate in the procedure. They don't hurt, but initially a little strange. This is most definitely not for babies or toddlers. Older children (and adults) do with this perhaps. Some people find it great, while others find it terrible.

You must evaluate it first before you show your child how to use a nose pot. If you use it your kids can follow your lead to used it also

Here is the basic method:
  1. Fill a pot with warm salt solution.
  2. Lean over a sink, tilt your head to the side and place the spout of the jug deep into the nostril. The water flows gently through the nasal cavities and comes out of the other nostril. (Breathe during the flushing through the mouth.)
  3. Repeat this with the other nostril.
  4. It is perhaps the easiest, to practice this with your child in the bath or shower.

Note: Do not force a kid to do it. This must be a very gentle procedure. If the child struggling when doing this, it can possibly traumatized or damaged his nasal passages.

Nose Clean (for children from 2 years)

If the nose is free of the mucus, it helps your child breathing, sleep better and it feels better. And it looks even better!

What you need
  1. A pack of soft tissues.

How do you do that?
Many children do not have mastered this art before her fourth birthday, but some are willing to do that at the age of two.

Tips on how to teach a child the blowing your nose:
  1. Tell your child to do nose blowing or you can show it to the kids, some children no longer need example.
  2. Explain that the blowing your nose is like "inhale or smell in the opposite direction".
  3. A nostril to keep to your child and practice gently blow out the air from the other. A mirror or a small piece of tissue under the nose helps him to see his breath, too.
  4. Teach him, to blow the nose gently. To hard snorting can hurt the ears.
  5. Give your child his own small Pack of colorful paper handkerchiefs.
  6. Teach him to throw used tissues in the trash and to wash his hands after the blowing the nose.
  7. If your child's nose all full of snuffs and wounded because of too much brushing, you can apply a little Vaseline or some other ointment suitable for children to the nostrils.

Balloon Shot (suitable for babies)

There’s some case when you clean the nose of children who are too small to blow their own nose. A balloon shot is really useful, you can use it to a stuffy nose when breastfeeding or bottle drinking. Apply them 15 minutes beforehand.
Cleaning stuffy nose with a balloon syringe is for small babies. This procedure can be using to older children but there no reason to apply this.

What you need:
  1. A balloon shot
  2. Salt water solution

You can buy saline nose drops in bottles in the pharmacy or make your own.

The recipe for homemade saline nasal drops: Dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in 240 ml of warm water. Make it fresh each day and store it in a clean jar with lid. Bacteria can grow in this solution. Therefore, you should not more than 24 hours have to keep the salt solution.

How it is applied
  1. Tend your baby's head to the back and press salt solution into each nostril 10 to 20 drops, to dilute the mucus and to solve. Try then, approximately 10 seconds to keep his head still.
  2. Squeeze the balloon syringe and carefully insert the tip into his nostril.
  3. Slowly release the syringe to suck so the mucus and the salt solution.
  4. Remove the syringe and press the balloon, where you catch the mucus in a tissue.
  5. Wipe off the syringe and take the other nostril.
  6. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

Vacuum the nose of your babies only a few times a day free, because they may irritate the mucous membranes. Use the saline drops no longer than four days, because you can dry out the nose with the time, what may be exacerbated the condition.

If your baby with the syringe is really unhappy, use saline nose drops, and then gently wipe the nostrils with a cotton ball. This method doesn’t have the sucking force of the syringe, but it’s better than nothing!

Please be careful to not hurt your kids when doing home remedies for cold and flu for toddlers methods above, go meet your doctor for futher help if those method do not work for your kids.

Kamis, 11 Juni 2015

Home Remedy for Dandruff and Itchy Scalp

Everyone must already know even for those who do not affected by dandruff itself, through commercial in TV that shows a situation someone meet an acquaintance in dark clothes in society. There’s laying some white dusk on the shoulders and on the upper back that we all call dandruff, it’s very clearly see on the dark because the contrast between fabric and light made it very visible. One finds it disgusting. But no one says anything. You are not talking about scales which are a taboo subject. Who suffers from dandruff, is regrettable. That person needs to see a doctor.

A scientific study of the Munich-based opinion Research Institute EMNID showed: 67.3 percent of those polled feel dandruff as distasteful and repugnant. 60 percent people with strong dandruff kept it for unkempt. And 96.5 percent are of the opinion that one should immediately undertake something against dandruff.
Even if people can believe it: it's important that there's dandruff. They are the result of a process which runs numerous times in the human organism. Our skin renews itself constantly. In doing so, old cells are transported upwards and spread on the surface. It takes about 28 days for its cycled. It's called exfoliation. Normally no one noticed about the cell operation, because the cells are so tiny, that they are seen only under a microscope.

Too much fast food
When dandruff got visible, it means something goes wrong. The exfoliation process is extremely accelerated. Thus, the horny layer cells are not mature, so it has a kind of glue, so many cells stick together. Thus emerge the ugly, large shed.
A false excessive hair care is by frequently washing the hair with aggressive anti-dandruff shampoos can irritates the skin so they feel itch and dandruff begins. But the lifestyles can also be blame for dandruff. Prolonged work, too many parties, not enough sleep and many eat the fast food can cause dandruff.
Basically, the rule applies: when there is plenty of dandruff in your hair, you should consult to a skin doctor. Especially when you see red spots, or when there’s any pustules between the hairs form.

Home Remedies for Dandruff
Apart from a targeted treatment, you should set some measures in your life:

  1. Provide for enough sleep.
  2. Pay attention to balanced, varied diet with plenty of vitamins, minerals and some element. Especially with zinc which you can find it in oatmeal, sea fish, oysters, whole grains, and chicken, especially breast meat.
  3. If stress and fears rule your life, you have to think what you can change to reduce the stress.
  4. Use your spare time to the total relaxation. Lie down in the bathtub or find other ways to switch off: Yoga, meditation, autogenously training.
  5. Especially carefully, deal with your hair. Keep clean all your combs and brushes. Hats, caps, bandanas, headbands and jewelry Combs, clean it regularly.
  6. Before you wash your hair, you need to first thoroughly rinse them with water - so good it is - remove the scales.
  7. The water temperature during hair washing may be hot, but only lukewarm. Hot water can help to removes the skin fat.
  8. Also it is not very recommended to use blow-drying too close to the head. Heat air from hair dryer can stimulates the scalp. It is better to air dry in the Sun.
  9. After hair washing, you should rinse well and long with water. Remaining stock of shampoos can stimulate formation of dandruff.
  10. It is particularly dangerous to wash the hair with conventional SOAP. SOAP scum, which have left behind can irritate the scalp and promote the formation of dandruff.

Combs and brushes: use no metal and no sharp bristles.
Researchers and doctors focus on the power of certain medicinal herbs in recent years in the fight against the scourge of scales in the first place. There are two "soft" cures natural herbal based on developed:

Anti-dandruff cure No. 1
Dry dandruff without redness of the scalp can be cure with the Coltsfoot lotion, as well as a Coltsfoot Shampoo (pharmacy). Both contain essential oils of the burdock root and lemon balm in addition to the stimulus softening and anti-inflammatory Coltsfoot. The burdock root stimulus inhibiting effect, the lemon balm soothes the scalp.
Important in the application: not too much of the shampoo should be used, at most a portion the size of a walnut, for short hair please reduce the quantity of a hazelnut. When rinsing, you should apply twice as much time as you have massaged the shampoo. Especially when treating dandruff, you must ensure that no shampoo residue left on your hair.

Anti-dandruff treatment no. 2
In greasy, coarse, highly adherent scales with redness and itchiness, a willow tar Shampoo (pharmacy) acts first and foremost. The Willow creosote is combined with thyme oil, sulfur and salicylic acid. The shampoo gently replaces the dandruff of the scalp; it has an antiseptic effect and stops the over-production of sebum glands.
After 6 times hair washing with the Coltsfoot shampoo and intense massaging of the shampoo, the scales amount will reduce by two-thirds within two weeks. At the harder-to-treat greasy scales, there are also clearly visible achievements after 3 weeks treatment with willow tar shampoo. In some case, the scales are often eliminated, if in addition a Coltsfoot lotion was used for the Willow tar shampoo for hair care.

Natural Remedies For Pneumonia and Bronchitis

Pneumonia is a common illness caused when respiratory tract infected by bacteria or viruses. Adults can be affected as well as babies and toddlers. Pneumonia has several symptoms like fever, cough, pain in the chest, mucus in the throat, and is not unlike a bronchitis. Even mild pneumonia without fever can occur. The doctor usually gives treatment with antibiotics in inflammation of the lungs due to bacterial infections.  There are a few home remedies for pneumonia that can help as the alternative treatment without antibiotics at home and relieve the symptoms.

The most common causes of pneumonia are:

  1. Bacterial infection
  2. Viral infection

Lung Inflammation

For many reason, the pathogens caused inflammation are inhaled by droplet infection (after sneezing / coughing) with the air we breathe, there's several factors that increase the risk for pneumonia:

  1. Weak immune system
  2. Inhalation of some irritant chemicals
  3. Smoking
  4. Alcohol
  5. Some medications

The most common symptoms of pneumonia are:

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Shortness of breath
  • Head pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Sweating
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • rapid heart beat
  • Pain in the chest
  • bluish discoloration of the skin

Natural home remedy for pneumonia

Alternative Treatment Of Pneumonia With Garlic As An Antibiotic
Raw garlic is a strong natural antibiotic that can helps against bacteria, viruses and fungi infections. Garlic relieves fever and solves mucus from the bronchial tubes. This home remedy is recommended also for small children and babies.

  • A hot soup with plenty of garlic is a good remedy for the treatment at home. You can chop, or used 3 to 4 cloves raw garlic on a bowl of soup. Every soup can be consumed as 2-3 plates per day to relieve phlegm, fever, and pain.
  • Alternatively enrich a cup of warm milk with 4 chopped cloves of garlic and drink several times daily slowly.
  • Alternatively chopped garlic with lemon juice and honey into a paste mixing the Teel√∂ffelweise throughout the day spread is taken.

Home remedies with ginger
The Ginger can be a natural remedy against bacterial and viral pneumonia. Especially for budding and mild inflammation, this means it can positively influence the course of the disease itself. It have ability as decongestant, dissolves the mucus from lungs and frees the throat airways.

  • You can eat plenty of raw for the treatment of respiratory tract infections.
  • A strong ginger tea is made from 2 teaspoons chopped ginger and put it on a cup of warm water. Simmer it for about 10 minutes, and then drink it with honey.
  • Alternatively you can chop ginger with honey, then mix and consumed it throughout the day.

Mucus-dissolving home remedy for pneumonia and bronchitis: Chili
Chili can be very helpful as a natural expectorant to prevent congestion due to bronchitis and pneumonia. The capsaicin in Chili promotes the circulation of the respiratory tract and speeds up the healing of viral and bacterial pneumonia.

  • Mix chili powder with some honey and mix it with water. Drink it 3 times a day or you drink carrot juice mix with chili powder or chili raw juice.

Natural remedy for pneumonia: oregano oil
Essential oil of oregano has the ability to fights viruses and bacteria in the lung and accelerates the healing process.

  • Mix 4 drops of oregano oil with a glass of water and drinks it three times a day.

Turmeric for pain and mucus
Turmeric is another natural antibiotic. It can loosen phlegm and relieves chest pain.

  • Mix a glass of warm milk with one teaspoon of turmeric and drink it slowly for several days. Added pepper can makes this even better if you have lots of mucus in the lungs and throat.

Basil and black pepper can cure Pneumonia
  • Basil is the best natural remedies for respiratory diseases and Pepper can enhance the expectorant effect and easing the expectoration.
  • One chops of a dozen basil leaves and a pinch of black pepper, Dissolve it in a glass of warm milk and drink slowly, you can drink this remedy 3 glasses a day.

Dandelion is a natural remedy for the treatment of pneumonia

A dandelion tea made from dried leaves or roots can be very helpful to relieve the discomfort.

  • Mix one teaspoon of dried dandelion and a cup of hot water, simmer it for 10 minutes, and you can drink with honey, you can consume this home remedy 4 cups per day.

Simple tips on what can you do against pneumonia?
Consume fresh vegetable juices like carrot juice, spinach juice, cucumber juice, etc. Support the healing of pneumonia with plenty of natural vitamins and minerals which can increase the immune to help from inside against an inflamed lung. 
  • Avoid refined flour and products from it such as bread, biscuits and pastries.
  •  Also, refined sugar and fatty foods should be avoided because the pathogens thereby get more food.

Rabu, 10 Juni 2015

Natural Remedies For Pimples

Home Remedies / 
natural remedies for pimples overnight

Pimples are shows up when the sebaceous glands become overactive in producing oil and then get infected with bacteria, until it became swell up and then fill up with pus, this glands located at the base of hair follicles, mostly the area affected by pimple are the face, chest, neck, shoulders and back.

If you looking simple pimple home remedies, below are few fast home remedies for pimple you can do at your own with low cost.

You can use ice to effectively reduce the redness, swelling and inflammation of pimples. To use this effective natural remedies for pimple you need to wrap the ice block with piece of cloth and place it on the affected area for a few seconds and after short break for a few minute you can put the ice at the same place again.
Ice are very useful to increased the blood circulation and tightening the skin pore.

Lemons are rich in vitamin c, and lemon extract can naturally fastening pimple drying, but please used only fresh lemon, you can used many method to applied it to your pimple.
You can use cotton bud to applied lemon juicy extract directly to your pimple or you can apply it using cloth or cotton swab to your pimple and wash it at the morning with warm water.
But please do remember these remedies are not recommended for a sensitive skin person, the lemon extract can irritated your skin.

Everyone must already have this item at their household, but not all toothpaste can be used as home remedies for pimple, only the white toothpaste can be used and not the gel one, some people recommended to applied right after you used ice to treat pimples, only a small quantity are used to apply on the affected area for about a hour of before going to bed, and at the morning make sure you clean your face with warm water.

Steam are very effective homemade remedies for pimples, because its capable to open up pore and allowing your skin to breathe, you can used steam mostly in any condition, just put hot water in large container and let the steam contact your face after that wash your face with warm water and used moisturizer after it, you can also put inside the steam another ingredients like lemon, or green tea to get another benefit using steam process.

Garlic already knows have plenty of used like antiseptic, antioxidant, even useful in diet process, especially in treating pimples, the sulfur in garlic very helpful to healing pimples quickly.
Before used garlic as your natural remedies for pimple overnight you better clean your face first with face foaming and warm water, after that cut a fresh garlic and rub the new cut side to your pimple softly and wait for about five until 10 minute before you wash your face again with warm water.

Mustard contain natural enzyme called salicylic acid, vitamin c, omega 3 & 6 and zinc, which is very good for your skin
For your pimple home remedies treatment, you can used 1 tea spoon of mustard powder and mix It well with honey and then apply it to your pimple for about 15 minute then you can wash your face.


Tomatoes contain plenty of antioxidant enzymes inside it and beside it have a good taste and have a lot of vitamin, also it’s good for your skin. Some people even used it as facial mask to heal acne scar, to used tomatoes as natural remedies for pimples just cut the tomato and rub the newly fresh cut side to your pimple and leave it for 10-20 minute before washing with warm water.

Selasa, 09 Juni 2015

A Natural Way to Cure Your Cough

Coughing are happen when viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen, even water can cause coughing when you want to drink and speak at same time, or any other substances irritate your airways between  throats and your lungs, when you cough your body try to clear the your airways from those substances. The cough itself can reach almost 60 miles per hour.
However if your cough are persistent and persistent cough can put you in very uncomfortable position in where ever you are it can also showing symptomatic condition you are now.
Usually there is only 2 main type of cough, productive cough and dry cough, when your cough are productive one your body try to get rid of your mucus in your throat, usually the remedies for this type of cough are not working by suppressing it but it will loosing the mucus to make it easier to your body to get rid of it.
Some people are prefer using natural medicine for cough actually, here are some favorite herbal medicine for cough using by people :

1. Homemade Honey Syrup for Cough Remedies

Honey With Lemon
Source pict : freedigitalphotos.net

A study has been conducted at Penn State College of Medicine, they found if honey can calming the cough because honey are have plenty of demulcent, naturally high viscosity and sticky that incredibly coating and soothing your irritated lung area, and also honey are naturally anti bacterial so it can also helpfully healing your cough cause by bacterial.
You can directly drinking it or you can mix it with lemon, coconut oil or even bourbon, take 1 tablespoon of honey 1-3 times a day as needed, and for children you can using teaspoon, but please remember never give it to your child if their age under 2 years.

2. Pineapple
Pineapple for Cough Remedies
Source Pict : freedigitalphotos.net

Some people will never eat pineapple when they have cough or sore throat, or even think about pineapple as herbal medicine for coughs, but actually pineapple can be one of the herbal medicines for cough according to research on The medical values of pineapples, there is evidence if Bromelain enzyme found in pineapple can hel suppress cough and loosen mucus in your throat. .Supplements contain Bromelain are should not be consumed by children, or adults who consumed blood thinners or antibiotics like amoxicillin, because it can increased the absorption of the antibiotic.

3. Peppermint Tea and Oil
Peppermint leave Cough Remedies
Source Pict : freedigitalphotos.net

Peppermint leaves contain menthol which can very helpful in soothes your throat and acts as natural decongestant, also helping to breakdown mucus, you can make a tea from peppermint leaves or vapors it at steam bath, by drops the peppermint oil at your bath thub.

3. Licorice Root Tea
Licorice Root Cough Remedies
Source Pict : Freedigitalphotos.net
A Tea from licorice root can work as expectorant and demulcent, together this two enzyme will soothing your lunge while also loosen mucous, easing congestion, it also more sweeter than table sugar, your children probably like this tea also, but if you in steroid or you have any problem with your kidney, it is better for you to not consume licorice.

4. Ginger

Ginger for Cough Remedies
Source Pict : freedigitalphotos.net

Ginger, one of the famous herbs for soothing your lunge, spicy ginger enzyme are works as an expectorant, can helping loosen and expel mucous from your lungs. Also stop pain tickle at the back of throat which sometimes can trigger a cough.

 Thats it a few Herbal Medicine for Cough

Senin, 08 Juni 2015

A Natural Way to Cure High Blood Pressure

Before we share Herbal Remedies For Your High Blood Pressure (HBP), you must know the meaning of high blood pressure first, it’s not some kind a disease that spreading through air, water, or even by touching, "Blood pressure" is the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood. If the blood pressure getting higher and stays high over time, it can lead to serious condition like heart failure, kidney failure, vision loss or even stroke.
According to several researches, almost 1 in 3 adults in the United States has high blood pressure. In many case there is no signs or symptoms. You can have it for years without even knowing your blood pressure getting higher overtime and during this time it can damage your heart, blood vessels, kidneys, and many other part of your body.
It is very important to knowing your blood pressure, even when you are feeling fine and healthy. To knowing your blood pressure you can contact your health care team to conduct the test, if your blood pressure is normal, you can discuss with your health care team to keep it normal. If your blood pressure is too high, you need a treatment that may help prevent damage to your body's organs.
Besides using medicine from your health care team, you can use another way to treat your high blood pressure, like changes your lifestyle to healthy lifestyle or using nature way like consume several herbal like we explain bellow, although the research on the use of alternative treatment or medicine to lowering blood pressure is fairly limited, apparently there is many case where it show good result by consuming those herbal , but before starting consume it because there is several herbal can caused undesirable side effect or interfere with your medicine.

1. Basil
Source : Wikipedia.com

 Basil is a plant in the mint family which containing zinc, iron, calcium, vitamins A and C. Basil is one of herb that goes well in a variety of foods and it taste good also. It also an effective for treat your high blood pressure. A study on January 2012 issue of “Journal of Natural Remedies” shows extract of basil can lowering the blood pressure. You can consume basil directly after you washing it or add fresh basil leaves to your pastas, soups, salads and other food you want to mix it.

2. Cinnamon
Source : Wikipedia.com

Cinnamon is obtained from the inner bark of several trees and usually used in both sweet and savory foods so it can be used for many recipes, and the good part are cinnamon may bring your blood pressure numbers down. Based on research from the University of Toronto consuming cinnamon everyday can lower your blood pressure even for people with type-2 diabetes.
You can spread cinnamon powder on your breakfast cereal, oatmeal, and even in your coffee and it can make your food tastier.  Cinnamon also can enhance the flavor of stir fries, curries, and stews.

3. Cardamom

Source : Wikipedia

Cardamom is a spice native to the Middle East, North Africa and Scandinavia. There are three types of cardamom, green cardamom, Madagascar cardamom and black cardamom. There is an investigating the effects of cardamom to human health specially blood pressure. The research showed that participants who given powdered cardamom on daily basis for several months show significant reductions in their blood pressure.
You can include cardamom in your spice rubs, in soups and stews, and even in baked goods for a special flavor and have a positive health benefit in return.

4. Garlic

This pungent seasoning can do more than just flavor your food and ruin your breath. According to several researches garlic may lower your blood pressure by causing your blood vessels to relax and dilate. This lets blood flow more freely and reduces blood pressure, but remember Garlic is not safe for use with many common medications and conditions, you must consult to your health team before consume it.
You can add fresh garlic to a number of your favorite recipes. If you cannot withstand the flavor of garlic, you can roast it first. And lately a capsule contain garlic extract already made and available on many place for you to get.

 5. Chocolate / Cocoa Extract
Dark Chocoa
Source : Epicurus.com

Several researches shows by consuming dark chocolate or cocoa products which contain alot of flavonols are able to lowered blood pressure in adult with high blood pressure. By consume maximum 50g cocoa product for each day is associated with almost 2-3mm Hg reduction in blood pressure. Still further research is needed, because it has different effect on each person.
Chocolate work in affected the nitric oxide system which resulting in vasodilation and lower the blood pressure. It also may inhibit angiotensin-converting enzyme.
Too many consume Chocolate are bad to your blood pressure because chocolate also contains caffeine and sugar, alongside with other ingredients. Large amounts of caffeine consumed (greater than 400mg for each day) can increase your blood pressure and the sugar content in cocoa products may affect your blood sugar levels.

That is several Natural Remedies For Your High Blood Pressureand please remember you can consume it right after you consult with your health team first.

Jumat, 05 Juni 2015

Natural Remedies to Relieve Constipation

Constipation happened because lack of fiber, most of people this day are do not have enough fiber and water in their daily menu, some of them are too busy to have a proper meal, and the other are dislike fiber type of food. Another constipation cause happened to people who lack of exercise time or side effect of consuming too many drug at same time.
There’s should be a question everyone have, how to relieve constipation on a natural way, and below are a list on how to relieve constipation naturally, you can do this steps while at home and by yourself, but please remember to meet your doctor if the constipation reliever method below are not working at all.

Eat Vegetables and Fruit
Fruit and Vegetables contain can be helpful to naturally relieve your constipation, because fiber extract inside it act as laxative, but remember don’t eat too much or too fast in that condition, because it can cause gas and bloating in your stomach.
If you consuming medication drug please remember to wait at least one hour after eating fiber before take your medication.
There’s plenty choice of fiber source around you like berries, apples, grape and another fruit with edible skin, if you choose to eat vegetables you can choose a dark and leafy green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, artichokes, cauliflower. Carrots also contain fiber even with orange or even red color it contain high fiber extract. Fiber also founded from beans, seeds and nuts like green beans, white beans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and many other.

Drink Water
If you already increase the fiber in your daily meals, it’s important to drink more water to preventing hard and dry stools because dry stools are a common cause of constipation.
Some expert said to prevent constipation a man should drink at least 3 liters of water and 2.2 liters for woman. It is also important to not consuming caffeine and alcoholic beverages when you experiencing constipation. Because caffeine or alcohol can cause fluid loss through urination and worsen your constipation.

Avoid Dairy Products
If the source of your constipation are dairy products which contain lactose like cheese, you better avoid it from your daily menu, because lactose can cause gas, bloating and constipation for some people.
But not all dairy product causing constipation, like yogurt which contain live probiotics such as Bifidobacterium longum and Bifidobacterium animalis are proven to make stool passing less painful so it can very helpful If you experience constipation.

Consume Castor Oil
Castor oil can be very helpful so stimulates intestines when you are constipated, it can also lubricate your bowel so the stool can easily slip out.
Please do not consume too much castor oil more than the recommended dosage except if that’s your doctor recipe, because too much consuming castor oil can make you feel the unpleasant side effect like abdominal cramps, dizziness, fainting, nausea, diarrhea, chest pain and many other, also do not consume castor oil if you pregnant.

Mineral Oil

You can get Mineral oil in pharmacies and drug store and consuming it not more than recommended dosage, to consume mineral oil you can combine it with milk, juice or water. Please do not consume it if you have these conditions like food allergies, pregnancy, stomach pain, and vomit or kidney problems.