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A Natural Way to Cure Your Cough

Coughing are happen when viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen, even water can cause coughing when you want to drink and speak at same time, or any other substances irritate your airways between  throats and your lungs, when you cough your body try to clear the your airways from those substances. The cough itself can reach almost 60 miles per hour.
However if your cough are persistent and persistent cough can put you in very uncomfortable position in where ever you are it can also showing symptomatic condition you are now.
Usually there is only 2 main type of cough, productive cough and dry cough, when your cough are productive one your body try to get rid of your mucus in your throat, usually the remedies for this type of cough are not working by suppressing it but it will loosing the mucus to make it easier to your body to get rid of it.
Some people are prefer using natural medicine for cough actually, here are some favorite herbal medicine for cough using by people :

1. Homemade Honey Syrup for Cough Remedies

Honey With Lemon
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A study has been conducted at Penn State College of Medicine, they found if honey can calming the cough because honey are have plenty of demulcent, naturally high viscosity and sticky that incredibly coating and soothing your irritated lung area, and also honey are naturally anti bacterial so it can also helpfully healing your cough cause by bacterial.
You can directly drinking it or you can mix it with lemon, coconut oil or even bourbon, take 1 tablespoon of honey 1-3 times a day as needed, and for children you can using teaspoon, but please remember never give it to your child if their age under 2 years.

2. Pineapple
Pineapple for Cough Remedies
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Some people will never eat pineapple when they have cough or sore throat, or even think about pineapple as herbal medicine for coughs, but actually pineapple can be one of the herbal medicines for cough according to research on The medical values of pineapples, there is evidence if Bromelain enzyme found in pineapple can hel suppress cough and loosen mucus in your throat. .Supplements contain Bromelain are should not be consumed by children, or adults who consumed blood thinners or antibiotics like amoxicillin, because it can increased the absorption of the antibiotic.

3. Peppermint Tea and Oil
Peppermint leave Cough Remedies
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Peppermint leaves contain menthol which can very helpful in soothes your throat and acts as natural decongestant, also helping to breakdown mucus, you can make a tea from peppermint leaves or vapors it at steam bath, by drops the peppermint oil at your bath thub.

3. Licorice Root Tea
Licorice Root Cough Remedies
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A Tea from licorice root can work as expectorant and demulcent, together this two enzyme will soothing your lunge while also loosen mucous, easing congestion, it also more sweeter than table sugar, your children probably like this tea also, but if you in steroid or you have any problem with your kidney, it is better for you to not consume licorice.

4. Ginger

Ginger for Cough Remedies
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Ginger, one of the famous herbs for soothing your lunge, spicy ginger enzyme are works as an expectorant, can helping loosen and expel mucous from your lungs. Also stop pain tickle at the back of throat which sometimes can trigger a cough.

 Thats it a few Herbal Medicine for Cough

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