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Earache Home Remedies and Relief

The earache pain can be sharp and very piercing like there’s a needle inside your ear but it also can be very dull and aching, if you go to medical store or doctor they will suggest you to buy antibiotics contain medicine, while actually you already have your home remedies in your home

There’s can be many possibilities which quite common cause an earache like cavities, infection in sinus, too much earwax, tonsillitis and teeth grinding.
The most common earache is AOM (Acute Otitis Media), the infection are in the middle ear area which made middle ear swollen, usually AOM caused by trapped fluid behind the eardrum.

Home Remedies for Earache
As for using home remedy for earache you must see what causing it first. If it cause by cavity you must look for home remedy for cavity instead. However if it causing by ear infection which actually can be cure without antibiotics and the best part is perhaps you already have bellow remedies in your home, so you can be using it right away.

Earache - Pain inside the ear
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1. Analgesics
Analgesics like ibuprofen and acetaminophen are suggested by The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) association to reduce the pain in AOM, those medical are safe to use even without antibiotics as long you follow the dosage write on the label.

2. Cold or Warm Compresses
Many people using ice pack or warm compresses which usually used for relieving the pain through the body, and it can also be used for reduce ear pain.

3. Warmed Oil Drops
Another safe home remedies are warmed oil drops in ear canal, even there’s no scientific evidence that proven that oil can reduce ear pain but AAP response a positive value with this way.

4. Distraction
If your child affected by earache, try to distract them from the pain, ask them to play their favorite game, watch their favorite movie, or anything to make them focus on and forgot the earache, some earache are temporary and can be healed by body immune system.

5. Naturopathic Drops
If you want to use herbal based healer you can found Naturopathic ear drops in some drug store or even online, those ear drops usually contain herbal extract mix with olive oil as a base and some case has proven this ear drops can be very effective solution.

6. Chiropractic Treatment
You can go to meet a chiropractor to get a chiropractic treatment, your earache can be soothe alongside with back pain in your body as well.

There’s not many research that can prove those home remedies for earache really effective but there’s plenty of proven in society home remedies could be helping to soothe the pain associated with an earache. 

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