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Stimulate metabolism

Our metabolism and our weight are closely related: who has an active metabolism, which is picking up much easier. The metabolism is how active, depends on various factors. Among other things, the age, sex and nutrition play a role. Fortunately however, if you can do a lot to bring a sluggish metabolism. We tell you how you can effectively stimulate your metabolism.

Metabolism and basal metabolic rate
Metabolism – called also metabolism - all biochemical processes that take place in our body cells are summarized. These include the capture, the transport and the conversion of substances as well as the delivery of metabolic end-products. The metabolism thus ensures that our bodily functions are kept running, that we can build body substance and that our body is supplied with energy.
An important factor in connection with the metabolism is the basal metabolic rate. Including the amount of energy is consumed by the body at rest. In addition to complete physical silence indifference temperature (28 ° c) and a sober stomach are other requirements for the determination of the basal metabolic rate.

Metabolism and weight
Our metabolism has a significant influence on our body weight. People with a sluggish metabolism increase easier and have problems, to lose weight. The metabolism, however, is extremely active, those affected are often very thin and increasing difficult.
Different causes can stuck behind a slow metabolism. For example, age plays an important role. So, younger people have usually a faster metabolism than older people. Also the gender affects: since men generally have more muscle mass than women, they burn more energy.
In addition to the age various other factors can affect negatively on the metabolism. These include an unhealthy diet with much sugar, dieting and fasting and some exercise. In addition, but also certain diseases such as, for example, an underactive thyroid may lead to a slower metabolism.

Stimulate metabolism
Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks which you can use to stimulate your metabolism. Most importantly, bringing the fat burning going - that works best through sport. But also includes a healthy diet and choosing the right foods is important. We have compiled the best ways for you to stimulate the metabolism.

Eat small portions
To get the metabolism going, it is recommended to refrain from large, heavy meals. Likewise is also not recommended, to take too few calories. Then it can happen that the body into starvation mode, toggles and trying to store as much fat. Again and again small portions to be distributed instead ideally take throughout the day.
Draw it on snacks small - or even slightly larger at the main meals – healthy. For example, fruits, vegetables, and salads are well suited. Also seed and unroasted and unsalted nuts are recommended. In nuts, you should take but the high calorie content. In addition, you can access without concern about millet and quinoa.

More nutrition tips
In addition to the serving size and the type of recorded food, there are additional tips and tricks which you can use to stimulate your metabolism:
  1. Before breakfast, drink a glass of water with a splash of lemon or Apple Cider vinegar. Alternatively, a cup of ginger tea is recommended. Generally you should sure to drink at least two to three liters.
  2. Diet rich in fibre! Access in particular to soluble fiber. This can bind large amounts of water and thus swell in the intestine. Include pectin is contained especially in fruit is one of the soluble fiber.
  3. Take only foods with a high nutrient density to himself. Products include understanding, which contain more nutrients compared to other foods with fewer calories. For example, grain, legumes and lean meat and low-fat fish are recommended in addition to fruits and vegetables.
  4. Be sure to provide your body with enough vitamin C. Best you eat vitamin C rich fruits as Acerola cherries, apples, strawberries, Kiwi, oranges or lemon throughout the day distributed again. Vegetables such as broccoli, peppers or spinach are also recommended.

Stimulate metabolism: sports helps!
Sports is probably the best way to bring your metabolism really gaining momentum. For sports not only energy is burned, but it is built also muscles. This increases the basal metabolic rate, because muscle consumes more energy than other tissue alone.
To build muscles, you should perform regularly ideally light strengthening exercises. In this way, you can strong legs or PO to one problem areas such as abdomen, wonderfully stimulate your metabolism to another. Choose a suitable workout in our fitness category simply!

Cardio burns calories
To make dear endurance training rather than power, you can stimulate your metabolism on this way. Go, for example, a round of jogging, cycling or swimming. If you correctly powered up the metabolism remains elevated even after the end of training for some time and jumbled the pounds!
Is also useful to incorporate more movement into everyday life: so, waive escalator and co. and do small ways prefer to walk rather than drive. In the Office, some movement can be great place. Search your colleagues but personally in the Office, rather than writing an email. Or take advantage of the lunch break for a long walk.

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